Friday, June 28, 2013

My Disappointment With The Demise Of Google Reader

I am very mad at Google. I can not believe they are doing away with Google Reader, which will be "retired" as of July 1st. My husband, bless his heart, said the reason is that probably not a lot of people use it. Is he kidding me? Right after Google made the announcement a few months back that's all I read about on the blogs I follow; people's frustration with the retirement of Google Reader. He also said they probably make no money from Google Reader, to which I had no argument. ha.

Mollie shows her disappointment as well.
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photo: Jason Copes
Reader is (was) the best feed reader out there. So clean, simple and no fuss about it. It was so easy to keep track of the hundreds of blogs I follow, AND, everyone's content is there for all time! Unlike feedly and bloglovin' (to which I have grudgingly migrated all the blogs I follow), who do not keep a blog's content for very long from what I've experienced so far.

You can still follow me in both those places. Just click the "bloglovin" icon in my sidebar as well as the feedly icon just above it.

feedly is pretty, but too wonky for me. Maybe I'm old, but I like things all in one place as it was with Google Reader. Your complete list of blogs to the left, most recent content in the middle. So uncomplicated.  Click on a blog title to the left, and scroll through their entire blog, right there in the Reader, all the way back to the beginning.

Feedly and bloglovin' do make it very easy to migrate your Google Reader blogs over to their sites, so do it now before time runs out. Feedly also has posted a blog update for us "migrators". You can check it out here. It explains changes they've made in response to "perturbed" Google Reader fans in order to make our move there more comfortable...I guess. We shall see.

I also found The Old Reader, which is the closest to the original Google Reader. It's name "The Old Reader" is actually in reference to the "old old" Google Reader, and was built by fans of the "old old" Google Reader, meaning, the one before it's current incarnation. But like I said, if you don't visit it often, they too inform you that "You have not used The Old Reader for a while, so we kept only fresh posts for you".   Well, that's no fun. I will give it a chance, though, since it most resembles the reader most of us know and love. They also allow easy migration from Google Reader. You can follow me there by signing up at The Old Reader, then click to add a new subscription and paste my feed address, which is I think that should work. 

The Old Reader UPDATE 08/4/13OK, hopefully this will be the last update, and a good one at that. Seems The Old Reader got some other folks involved, and they are staying public after all, which makes me and a lot of their fans very happy. Read more here
The Old Reader UPDATE 07/29/13I'm sad to say that The Old Reader might not be anymore. They're newest blog post indicates they have closed registration and are probably going private. They are a small operation and could not handle the over 400,000 new users. You can read more here

As well, if I read things correctly, our Google Friends Connect will disappear after July 1st as well, though I am not 100% certain on that one. We'll see on July 1st. Now, if you follow blogs through the Blogger reading list, I'm pretty sure those will still be there. But again, those are only blogger blogs. No wordpress, typepad, etc. 

Again, Google Reader fans, act fast. After July 1st, all your blog loves will be long lost. sniff.

UPDATE: Per my sister at deeroo designs, she is able to add blogs from wordpress and typepad to her reading list in blogger.


  1. Foo...I just use my blogger dashboard and I'm able to follow wordpress and typepad blogs there too.

  2. I tried the three you mention back when the announcement was first made, and have been using feedly quite successfully for a while now - as far as I can tell, it does seem to keep the unread posts for a while - which is good, as I don't always manage to keep up. I tried another couple as well - can't remember what - and feedly is the one I'm happiest with (to be fair, I haven't really used The Old Reader because it took them a week to import all my feeds from Google, and by then, I'd settled into trying some others). I do like the look and feel of feedly, now that I've got used to the ways in which it's different from Google Reader. Hopefully you'll find one of them to your taste once you get used to the change!

    1. After playing around with Bloglovin', Feedly, and The Old Reader since March, I've come to the conclusion that The Old Reader is the one. Feedly comes in second. =)

  3. Ugh, yes I totally feel your pain. Why, google, whyyy?


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