Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Old Reader Replaces Google Reader

The Old Reader UPDATE 08/4/13OK, hopefully this will be the last update, and a good one at that. Seems The Old Reader got some other folks involved, and they are staying public after all, which makes me and a lot of their fans very happy. Read more here
The Old Reader UPDATE 07/29/13: I'm sad to say that The Old Reader might not be anymore. They're newest blog post indicates they have closed registration and are probably going private. They are a small operation and could not handle the over 400,000 new users. You can read more here

It's official. 
Google Reader is gone and I have been tinkering with The Old Reader long enough to know. 
It's the "one". 
We are new best friends, The Old Reader and I. 

Feedly, you are pretty. Maybe too pretty for my liking. 

Bloglovin', you are plain and simple, and even have social capabilities. 

But The Old Reader has everything I want that I had with Google Reader. 

click to enlarge

A nice clear list of the blogs I follow down the left column. 
Click "Home" and view all new blog posts.
Click "All Items" and you have the ability to view all blogs in list view or full view. 
Click an individual blog from the left column and view the entire blog on the right, in either list view or full view. 


I also found the ipad app for The Old Reader. Feeddler

Now, all is right and good again. 

If you find you like it too, you can follow me in The Old Reader.  

Of course, you can still follow my blog at Bloglovin' and Feedly, but me personally, I'll be sittin' pretty at the Old Reader. =)


  1. Replies
    1. Well. Hold on to your hat. I just got notice that The Old Reader is probably closing it's doors and going private. More on my blog.

      But thanks for visiting, Karla.


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