Friday, August 30, 2013

Pizza Night Interrupted And A Visit To The Museum

Since it's Friday, I'll tell you how last Friday went, along with last weekend.

First, we had a fire of sorts. I was preheating the oven for "Pizza Night", and as we were sitting there in the living room chatting (Jason and I) I heard a crackling sound coming from the kitchen. 
We took a peek in the oven and this is what we found. 

burnt oven heating element

The heating element was on fire, burning out like a 4th of July sparkler.

Good excuse to eat out, which is exactly what we did. 

So, Saturday morning, after calling around, we had to make a trip to the "big city" (that would be Newport News) for a new heating element at Shawels TV & Appliances (+1 for shopping local!), and we had lunch at Anna's in Hilton, which I do miss, and then made the customary visit a few doors down to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore where we found a light fixture for over the kitchen sink. Ok, well, Jason found it, which is funny because it was me who wanted to replace the previous one and was just recently talking about it. (Yes, people, my husband actually listens to the things I say and remembers them. Now me, on the other hand, I have a bit of a memory problem, but never mind that.) 

New light fixture

 New light fixture

Anyway. I love the new light, and even though it was marked $25, it rang up half of that So, we got it for about $13, and it's in perfect condition. We just had to shorten it as it was probably installed over a island or peninsula. And then when we got home Jason looked up the original price when it was new, and it was over $100 if I remember correctly. Gotta love the ReStore.

 The old light (no picture) was OK, but it was more futuristic, kind of befitting of The Jetsons
It literally looked like a me. A nice light, but not my favorite for the kitchen.
Maybe we will use it in the new studio/office room upstairs when we finish it. 

While in Newport News, we decided to stop by The Mariners' Museum, Jason's place of employment.  

Behind the scenes at Mariners' Museum, or an actual permanent exhibit, I can't remember. 

After strolling out back to see the "International Small Craft Center", which I never knew existed, we went inside to see the Fragile Waters exhibit, which is ending soon (September 2nd to be exact) if you want to see it yourself.

Of the three photographers featured in the exhibit, with Ansel Adams being the most famous name, I have to admit that I was most impressed with the work of Mr. Ernest Brooks, III with a subject I don't think I've ever seen before; black and white underwater photography. 
Ernie Brooks Silver Seas Photography book

I really loved his work, and I kept saying to Jason, I want to draw that one! and this one! 
I just kept imaging nice pen and ink drawings in my head of lots of his photos. 
They were so dramatic and mysterious and moody. I just loved them. Good job, Mr. Brooks. 

Let's hope tonight's pizza night is less eventful and just laid back, the way I like it.

And speaking of The Mariners' Museum. Don't forget about the Pirates Pack the Park Festival on Saturday, September 21st!

Have a wonderful, safe, and peaceful Labor Day Holiday. 

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