Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I've Got Some Sweet Washboards For Ya...

...but unfortunately not the abdominal kind.

I was looking for an interesting way to organize my necklaces and dangly earrings that didn't involve the usual mesh and a picture frame that you see everywhere. Not that there is anything wrong with that particular DIY fix. It just wasn't appealing to my delicate sensibilities. I know "form follows function", but it seems to follow far, far behind in the picture frame/mesh case. I'm looking for pretty here, people. I like pretty.

So, when I was at a furniture store, of all places, I found a big barrel full of {monkeys? no.} these reproduction washboards that have been distressed and painted with the sweetest flowers in the brightest, cheeriest colors, and something just clicked in my mind.  I found my solution to the jewelry organizing problem. I bought two washboards and happily carried them home with me and, as usual, they sat around for about a month until I got busy.

"And how, Ms. foobella, did you make washboards into jewelry storage", you ask?

Well, let me show you. After buying a package of cuphooks and digging through my stash and finding some eye hooks, I went to the craft store and bought some really cute ribbon and this is what I came up with:
DIY wash board jewelry organizer

I attached eye hooks to the top and bottom of one board and to the top only of the second board. Then I tied them together with the ribbon, added some cuphooks to the bottom board, and hung it on the wall.  Voila!
DIY repro wash board jewelry organizer

I'm sorry, but I think that is the cutest thing ever. I know I have a big mouth and it might not be apparent to those who know me, but I am such a girlie girl when it comes to my boudoir, it's not even funny. The rest of the house? Not so much, but my bedroom? Oh, it's all girl, and I'm not ashamed to say it. Well, at least it will be "all girl" when I'm done with it. I still have quite a bit to do first. Give me a chance though! I just moved in, um, in October! I know. What can I say? I procrastinate!

Now, I just need to figure a way to hang my earrings on the top washboard. Cuphooks won't do. I saw this one fix where they hung ribbon across--something, I can't remember what--and the earrings dangled over the ribbon. Meh, I don't like that for here. I'm sure I'll come up with something, but in the mean time, any ideas? Suggestions?


  1. FOO! I really love your washboard necklace display! Where did you get them in them in the first place? (the washboards, not the individual necklaces)

  2. TEE-HEE! What a macaroon! *shaking head* I totally typed it twice...stupid distracting Ion Television!

  3. This is adorable! I can't believe they are reproduction, they really look vintage!


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