Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scott Kelby 3rd Annual Worldwide Photowalk

May I sit on your porch? - Yorktown, Virginia

I love the photowalk. I really do. I've done it all three years now and will continue on as long as they have it. But you know what? They need to get their act together with their website. All three years the rules and website have been different...and confusing. Trust me. It's not just me saying this. Last year I believe we could upload 3 pictures to the contest and we could see them on their website as people were uploading them. This year, we can only upload one (1) picture for the contest and we won't be able to see them until after the submission deadline, which is the 31st. I told our group leader that maybe by the 10th year they'd have all the kinks worked out. We'll see. 

Beyond that and the heat of the day (I think it was around 109 F well before noon) I still had a great time and am very glad my friend, Miss "Poo", came along for the ride. She's a trooper!

susan and St. Francis  - Yorktown, Virginia

You can check out the rest of my pictures here and also you can see the rest of my fellow Yorktown, Virginia photowalkers' shots here at our flickr group page.

uphill climb - Yorktown, Virginia

My sister also did the walk up in Leesburg, Virginia. You can see her pictures at her flickr page.


  1. Great pics...I'm thinking we need to take a mini trip for next year's!;) What say ye?:)


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