Monday, March 14, 2011

More Adventures With Foo

Once upon a time, there was a girl named, Foo, who was enjoying a late afternoon of taking pictures at the Yorktown Battlefields....


...until somewhere along her photowalk, she realized she'd lost her car keys. 

Foo, steadfast and true, proceeded to retrace her steps, but the sun was quickly fading, and she knew she needed back up. So, after notifying the park ranger of her missing keys, and getting permission to search the battlegrounds after dark,  Foo quickly sent up a distress signal...

...which dispatched an elite search and rescue team, with Special Ops Mom & Pops...

...and Special Agent Elvislips.

Provisions and high tech homing device were gathered (Flashlights, Wawa Coffee and Reeses Easter Eggs by Elvislips, and  magnet on a string by Mom & Pop, along with more flashlights).

Mom & Pop headed back to the command post to wait for further instructions while Foo and Elvislips headed out into the dark night. Elvislips was not happy about their location in a graveyard, "What are we, Ghosthunters?"

Not one to let her fears get the best of her, though, Elvislips proceeded on her search with the high-tech homing device (magnet on a string)...

...while Foo scouted ahead with the torches... her special protective nighttime headgear.

Foo and Elvis were confident their search would prove fruitful, but after retracing every step Foo took, no items were recovered, except for a creepy talisman (that looks eerily similar to The Blairwitch Project)...

and a hole to the bottom of the earth. 

After a long night-about an hour-the mission was aborted, and Elvislips updated her facebook status.

And the troops headed home; Foo, with one less set of car keys, but still hopeful they will be found and turned in to the proper authorities. 

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