Monday, July 29, 2013

6th Annual Worldwide Photowalk

Exciting news! 

It seems they are quietly rolling things out for the 6th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk
From what I gather, it's on October 5th this year, and Mr. Kelby is doing something different. 
I believe he is home based in Florida, so he usually leads a walk in that state, 
but this year he's leading his walk in Rome, Italy! 
Now, that would be cool.

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk
If you've followed me for a while, you know I have participated in these annual photowalks for the past 5 years. On this 6th annual event, though, I have applied to lead a walk, with a certain partner of mine roped in as my co-leader. He's very excited about that. ;)

I signed up for us to lead a walk in the town of West Point, Virginia, which as it happens, is having it's 30th or 31st Annual Crab Carnival that weekend. 

It's a sweet little town with the slogan "3 rivers. 2 bridges. 1 special place." as it is surrounded by three bodies of water, the York River, Mattaponi River, and Pamunkey River. 

Hopefully I will hear back soon and can set up my walk page, and who knows? 
Maybe some people will actually sign up to join our walk. I certainly hope so. 

So, bookmark the photowalk site and keep checking back as walks are added in cities around the world. 
The last time I checked there were 8 walks listed (up from 2 this morning) and I expect the list of available cities will get to the thousands by photowalk day. 

Urbanna via
2012 photowalk in Urbanna, VA

I can't tell from their event page, which year it is, but it's one of the two. You know how small towns keep their sites updated so well, right? 


  1. I think you should come down. I am even going to make some swag. =)


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