Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lots Of Turtles And Rain

First, it was so hot outside today.

Here are some photos of the goings-on around our house this past spring when the weather was a lot....gentler.

Back in May we had a lot of turtles hanging around. 
It seemed every day I almost stepped on a tiny one, or saw a big one like above.  You can't see in this picture, but there is another one up the road next to the tree at the top of this picture. 

In May and June it seemed to rain every day. Big rains!
I thought it was supposed to be "April showers bring May flowers"? 

I wish it would rain today. Did I mention it was hot outside?

Mr. Magnum is 16 years old, and he's a very grumpy old man. 
He cracks me up.

We have this combination of a hydrangea and azalea that have been kind of growing and nestling into each other. 

I spied something in the azalea last month.

sweet little robin's eggs. 

I checked on the nest every once in a while and I never saw any activity. 
I hope they made it. The last time I checked a couple weeks ago, they didn't look so good. 
I'm afraid the nest might have been abandoned, but I don't know why.  
I'm very new to this outdoorsy world.  

The last time I spent any time working in or around a yard was as a teenager, and that was not willingly. 

I must admit, though, I actually look forward to being outside now, except on hot days like today. 
The temperature was 96 F outside, but the "feels like" temperature was 111 F. 


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today! Your weather sounds exactly like ours. This heat wave is unbearable.
    What a lovely find, your little nest!

  2. It IS hot outside! First time visiting your lovely blog today:) Your pup is so darling. I have a 13 year old English Springer that is struggling in the heat as well .. a little grumpy too:)


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