Wednesday, October 23, 2013

6th Annual Worldwide Photowalk - West Point, Virginia

The 6th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk was a few weeks ago, and Jason and I led a walk for the first time. We chose the quaint old town of West Point, Virginia, which, coincidentally was having it's 31st Annual Crab Carnival on the same day.

Here is a picture of our small group of walkers.
worldwide photowalk West Point, VA group via
photo by: jason b. copes

Not a bad turnout for our first walk in this small town. I was holding my breath right after sighing up to lead this walk. I was afraid no one would join our group at all and kept thinking I would be happy with at least one walker joining us, so three was a success in my eyes.   

It was a surprisingly hot day for October. I'll tell you more about it soon.

Oh! and I also have to tell you about Pirates Pack the Park! No, we did not break any records, but it was an amazing turnout. More to come!

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