Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1st Wedding Anniversary

snow couple cake toppers via foobella.blogspot.com

Last week was our 1st Wedding Anniversary. I didn't share any photos of the wedding last year, so I thought I would now.

Both of us have been married before. Both of us are also introverts. Put those two things together and what do you get? A desire for a very intimate wedding, which was perfect for us. Just a few of our closest family and friends in relaxing and comfortable surroundings.

If anyone has seen the 1985 movie, "Fandango"*, that is what our wedding felt like to me. Everything came together perfectly, even with up to last minute touches with the help of friends and family.  Things just fell into place without any drama. No bridezilla here. 

(*No spoilers. I don't want to ruin it if anyone wants to see the movie. 
It's one of my favorites, and the only movie in which Kevin Costner did a decent acting job. It's a great flick.  I promise.)

Anyway, without further ado. 


outdoor rustic bohemian wedding  via foobella.blogspot.com

Our wedding ceremony took place here, in my parents' back yard under the awning of my father's workshop. 

outdoor rustic bohemian wedding  via foobella.blogspot.com

outdoor rustic bohemian wedding via foobella.blogspot.com

Tell me that's not the sweetest thing you've ever seen. 

The two trees at the "altar" were my parents' Christmas tree and our Christmas tree. We also brought over our poinsettias from our house and stole two from inside my parents' house and sat them on some upturned logs. Jason's Mom called probably the day before the wedding and said she had some ferns we could use as well. The two shrubs at the bottom of the picture are from my sister, and after the wedding they were planted in my parents' yard. Jason's Mom also asked if we wanted to use some of her oriental rugs. I would never have thought of the rugs, and I have to say it.  They really tied the space together. ;)  

outdoor rustic bohemian wedding via foobella.blogspot.com

Big kudos to my sister for the idea of using her quilts on all the benches.  
Those quilts along with the rugs give it a kind of rustic bohemian feel don't they?  I love it.

outdoor bohemian wedding via foobella.blogspot.com

The ceremony was short and sweet, and as you can see, very casual. 

We found our preacher online and met him for lunch a few weeks before the wedding. Thank goodness we really liked him. Like I said, things just fell into place. The preacher gave us some sample ceremonies. I didn't like anyone of them on their own. So I tweaked them a bit, combined some, and added my own passages that I found online. He actually liked it so much he asked if he could use it as a sample. Is there money in wedding ceremony copy editing? I might have a hidden talent here. 

I thought I'd share the text of the ceremony here in case anyone is looking for one that is religious, yet nondenominational, as well as short and sweet.  I like a little bit of ritual and tradition, but I wanted readings and passages that actually meant something to me, and that people would actually pay attention to. It appears they did, because it was mentioned by a few of my friends how nice the ceremony was and they liked what the preacher said. 

Click the link below to view and download a copy of the ceremony. The underlined passage within the text was found at another site, which I wish i could credit, but I don't remember where I found it.


We searched far and wide, browsing our extensive music collections and searching online. We kept coming back to, and finally chose, Storybook Love from The Princess Bride.  We used the instrumental theme for the processional and the song for the recessional. As most of the world knows, it's a hilarious movie, but the music is very sweet and tender without being cheesy. 

For the reception, Jason did a clever thing. He signed up for a 30-day free trial to spotify so we could listen to a playlist at the reception without interruptions from ads. Spotify is otherwise free on the web and mobile, but you will have ads play after every couple of songs. You just have to sign up for a free account if you don't already have one and you can check out our wedding reception playlist

This playlist is almost 5 1/2 hours of music. At the reception, Jason connected his phone to my parents radio, put the playlist on shuffle, and voilĂ . I listen to this mix all the time.

Even if you don't listen to the mix, sign up for a free spotify account anyway. It's better than pandora because you can play what you want, when you want. And exploring new and old, and even obscure music is right at your fingertips. I love it. (No, I'm not getting paid to say that, but I will if they want me to.) 


wedding rings made of coins via foobella.blogspot.com

I have mentioned before that my family is very crafty, if you hadn't noticed so far. My Dad has been making rings out of coins for as long as I can remember. So, I knew he was the man for the job of creating our wedding bands. Jason's is an all silver 1964 half dollar and mine is an all silver 1960 quarter. The dates aren't significant except for the fact that anything after 1964 is not all silver. Now, what could be more special than having wedding bands made by your father? Not much. 

And I have to mention....
wedding skype via foobella.blogspot.com

....see that laptop on the ladder to the right above? 
My niece and her friend skyped in to watch the ceremony all the way from Oxford, England where she has been living for the past few years.  

wedding skype via foobella.blogspot.com

Aren't they cute? They got all dressed up for the occasion, too. 

wedding skype via foobella.blogspot.com

They had the best seats in the house! =)

wedding family via foobella.blogspot.com

It was a perfect day.

wedding fun via foobella.blogspot.com

Now let's EAT!

Since it was January, I was thinking, hmm, what do I normally want to do on a cold January day? Why, I want to cozy up to a warm bowl of soup, of course! So, what did we have for our reception, which was just a few steps away, inside my parents' house? 

wedding reception soup buffet via foobella.blogspot.com

A soup buffet!

wedding reception soup buffet via foobella.blogspot.com

I can't remember exactly all the soups we had, but chicken soup and bean soup were among them, and some kind of chowder. My sister might chime in here to jog my memory.

wedding reception via foobella.blogspot.com

I didn't want everyone to have to contend with soup bowls, so to simplify things, we bought about 15 big white coffee mugs to use as soup mugs. That way, everyone could reuse them as they went back and forth to the buffet to try out each soup. AND, they got to take them home as party favors. 

The night before, I wrote out our initials, J + P, and the wedding date (Jason filled in my outlines) on the front of each mug with gold sharpie paint markers. 

wedding reception via foobella.blogspot.com

At the reception I just had to write everyone's name on the other side as they lined up before me, patiently waiting to get to the grub. Yep, I did arts & crafts on my wedding day. It was fun, and the mugs were a hit, as well as the soup buffet. 

And finally! THE CAKE:

wedding cake via foobella.blogspot.com

Most anticipated part of any wedding reception is the cake, right? 

That is another quilt that was made by my sister
Not made for the occasion, but it worked perfectly for our cozy, rustic wedding.

wedding cake via foobella.blogspot.com

Jason and I made the snowman and snowwoman cake toppers out of sculpey polymer clay. Making the most out of what you have, we also recycled more of our Christmas decor and brought over the gingerbread houses we made. I didn't even know what the cake was going to look like. Jason's Mom ordered it from her favorite bakery, and I must say, it was perfect. 

So, the honeymoon is over. We are no longer newlyweds.

b/w P + J via foobella.blogspot.com

As for how the first year has been? When something is meant to be, you just know it. Things really do fall into place and you have no feelings of doubt. As it should be. (And I'm not just talking about planning our wedding day. I'm talking about from the first day we met.)  

It's been a great year, and I look forward to many more wonderful years to come with my best friend. aww. sappy.

snow couple cake toppers via foobella.blogspot.com

Thanks for visiting. 

(all photos above taken by my brother and sister)


  1. What a beautiful and creative wedding! Love the decor, soup buffet and wedding cake -- how unique! Happy 1st Anniversary!

  2. I love everything about this post -- from the intimacy of the wedding to doing crafts on your wedding day to the quilts on the benches (which is something I would do!). It is everything you want a wedding to be -- warm and filled with love and joy -- and plenty of creativity. Love the cake! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Love the pics! Thank you for posting! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Thank you, ladies for visiting and the nice comments. And yes, Jeanie, it was everything I ever wanted my big day to be. =)

  5. Oh my Lord! I loved reading this and reliving that wonderful day again. I am so happy that you are so happy and that is exactly what that celebration was- PURE HAPPINESS!! Two soul-mates so perfect for each other- makes me want to cry! And I must add that's the BEST wedding I've ever been too and I am so glad that you let Dave and mom and I witness the lovely occasion. Love you!!

    1. Cathy! Thank you. You are so sweet. And thank for your being there with us. It would not have been complete without my "other" family. xoxo

  6. Happy Anniversary! Totally loved reading all about your wonderful day a year ago.

  7. Happy anniversary to you guys! I feel you guys. I am also a very introverted, and I don’t really socialize that much. That’s why I felt so lucky when I found my perfect girl. We’re the same and I’m also looking to do a small intimate wedding in one of the nice little wedding venues Chicago has.


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