Thursday, June 4, 2015

Our Shop at Society6

We've had a storefront at society6 for some time now, but just recently my husband's creative juices have been flowing. He has created so many great designs, and he's not really one to toot his own horn, so allow me to do it for him.

This design, called "Hyve" looks great on a tote bag. I see so many things when looking at this but mostly I see blue roses. ▼

Hyve via bella and blackstone

If someone has a retro bathroom I love this design, "Oh The Humanity" (don't ask me. ha.)  for a shower curtain. ▼

Oh The Humanity via bella and blackstone

and I think this design also makes great leggings. ▼

Oh The Humanity leggings via bella and blackstone

Then he blew my mind with this design, "Karma Chameleon-esque", which was created using an actual photo of flowers. Don't ask me how, but it's great, isn't it? 

Karma Chameleon-esque via bella and blackstone

and it can be printed on all these products...and then some. ▼

Karma Chameleon-esque via bella and blackstone

Framed art prints, canvas prints, clocks, ipad cases, iphone cases and skins, laptop skins, pillows, duvet covers, coffee mugs, and t-shirts, are just a few of the items these designs can be printed on. 

I am so proud of his creativity, which is boundless. He can create pretty much any design you want. So, if you have something in mind, please contact us. 

Here are just a few of his designs. Click on them to see them up close. ▼

            Sunset Grill via bella and blackstone     Sunset Grill via bella and blackstone                       

This design below made me realize they are missing an opportunity over there at society6. I want them to make scarves!

The After World... via bella and blackstone

If you are interested, please visit our society6 shop, where my husband has posted many more great designs, or stick around as I probably will be sharing more here soon. 

You can also follow his blog at


Thank you for visiting. 

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