Monday, August 10, 2009

John Hughes Tribute That You Must Read. If You Have A Heart.

I was going to wait until I completed my own homage, but I couldn't hold out any longer.

Saturday morning, when I started getting my thoughts together for my homage to John Hughes, I saw that one of my favorite bloggers, writer Ken Levine(M*A*S*H, Cheers, Frasier, among others), had just posted a new blog entry titled My Tribute To John Hughes (by someone else).

Of course, I had to stop what I was doing and take a look.

Allow me to quote Mr. Levine:

"I'm sure you've seen and read a gazillion tributes by now. So I want to share something different. This is a blog post by a fan who wrote Hughes a letter and became a pen pal. In this touching account of that relationship you'll hear his own words and see his actual handwriting."

I clicked over to the post he was referring to and started reading the account of Alison Byrne Fields. The first thing I thought was, "What a pushy kid she was?". Well, I'm glad I kept reading. It just reassured me that I wasn't being silly for doing my own homage to John Hughes. He really was a special man.

You can read that tribute here: Sincerely, John Hughes

photo property of We'll Know When We Get There
You can listen to Alison Byrne Fields being interviewed on NPR.


  1. All around, great posts about John Hughes! So sad.

  2. Thanks, Kris. It is sad. Such a loss.


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