Thursday, November 25, 2010


Since today is Thanksgiving I thought my latest assignment from Video Techniques class would fit right in. We were tasked with illustrating, through video, something that was very important to us, something we could not live without. Basically, something for which we are thankful.

I have a lot to be thankful for, most importantly my family and friends.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and hopefully you find something you can be thankful for:

all photos by me, except the earth. I don't have a tripod that reaches that high. ;)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shi's A Heartbreaker

I am now taking a video techniques class at school and below is my first assignment. We had to make a 30 or 60 second commercial. I chose my favorite perfume, Shi, by Alfred Sung.

Yes, the bottle is half empty. I said it was my favorite, didn't I? Sadly, I somehow left it at the park and when my actress and I went back the next day to get more shots, it was gone. If I smell it on anyone there in the future, I'll know at least it found a happy home. 

The song in the commercial is The Golden Age by Beck from probably one of my favorite albums of his, Sea Change.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pretty Way To End The Day

What a nice day. This is how it began when I posted at 8 am today: 

And below is how it ended, in the same exact spot, 12 hours later at 8 pm tonight:
Of course, I used a real camera for the night shot. No way my cell phone picture would suffice. Question to anyone who is astronomically inclined. What is that bright star or planet below the moon?

UPDATE: I've heard it on good authority that the star just below the moon is Jupiter, and tonight is actually the Harvest Moon. Lucky Me! 

Pretty Way To Start The Day


Usually I don't turn around to look at the sunrise as I'm walking out to my car each morning, but today the light was kind of magical. So, I turned around to find this.  Do they sell this kind of lighting at Ikea?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Memory Lane

I've been feeling nostalgic lately, looking at old pictures and talking to old school mates on facebook. It's been fun. I thought I'd lost a lot of memories but then you talk to old pals to find that each of you has certain memories, which in turn, fills in a lot of blanks and knocks old memories loose from deep down in the caves. 

I was looking at my yearbook from junior year and just had to post this awesome note from a friend, Hung Bui. We were in government class together, if I remember correctly, and he just sums my high-school-self up perfectly: 

For those who can't see the picture, or read his writing:
"To a reject from Little House on the Praire. Keep up the good work. I hope you learn your lesson after you keep hitting me. Have a wonderful summer. Don't work too hard. Have fun dreaming about Sting. Maybe one day you might be his wife. You never know! See you in the fall. Then we will be seniors. (Boy that will be great). '88' Hung Bui"
Funny story about Hung. Well, at least I think it's funny and something worth writing down in case it ever actually does slip my memory. Hung sat in front of me in class and one time he turned around and had blue ink allll over his mouth and tongue. Seems he liked to eat pens or something. Anyway, it cracked me up so much. Thank goodness he was a good sport. He had a great sense of humor and we were always joking around and busting on each other. [wonders if that dates me to say "busting on"]. So, forever after that, Hung was affectionately known to me as "Tongue Bluey". Get it? Hung Bui (prounounced boo-ee). Of course, I'd probably get sent to the principal's office if I said that now.  I'd like to see what I wrote to him in his yearbook. I'm pretty positive that's how I referred to him in it.

Oh, and here's the reason for the "reject from Little House on the Praire" comment: 

My sister made this dress for me. It had a tiny little flower pattern. I loved it and wore it all the time. I had a few of them, too. And of course, there is the awesome trench coat to complete the ensemble. Another reason I identified with Ally Sheedy's character in "The Breakfast Club". Which reminds me, August 6th was the anniversary of the death of John Hughes, my teen savior. RIP sir.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Last Time

I just wanted to show you the winning photo from my city's photowalk in Yorktown, Virginia. You can click the picture to go to the photowalk site to see the rest of the entries from our city.

photo by Kristina Johnson

And here is the excellent entry of my photowalk mate, Miss Poo:

Another friend of mine, 3,000 miles away, participated in the walk at Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge, California. Here's his lovely shot:
As of this posting, his walk leader hadn't chosen a winner yet, so he's still got a chance! Sorry, strike that. I just went back and saw that his leader has now picked someone else as winner. boo.

See ya'll next year!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my (losing) entry was the cyclist. Ah well, better luck next year.

uphill climb - Yorktown, Virginia

I'm A Vicarious Winner!!

Remember that photowalk I went on? The decisions are in. The walk leaders have made their choices and I am a winner.....vicariously! My SISTER, who participated in the Leesburg, Virginia walk, won for her city!! And I feel like a winner, too!

Here's her winning photo:
(click on picture above to go to her city's walk page.) 

Do you want to know what the best part of this win is? Do you know why I, too, feel like a winner? It is the fact that this picture was taken with a Canon Elph. A little point-and-shoot camera! She beat all the big guns! Just goes to show, and they even stated this in past years on the photowalk site; "Gear is good, vision is better."

Congratulations, Deeroo!! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scott Kelby 3rd Annual Worldwide Photowalk

May I sit on your porch? - Yorktown, Virginia

I love the photowalk. I really do. I've done it all three years now and will continue on as long as they have it. But you know what? They need to get their act together with their website. All three years the rules and website have been different...and confusing. Trust me. It's not just me saying this. Last year I believe we could upload 3 pictures to the contest and we could see them on their website as people were uploading them. This year, we can only upload one (1) picture for the contest and we won't be able to see them until after the submission deadline, which is the 31st. I told our group leader that maybe by the 10th year they'd have all the kinks worked out. We'll see. 

Beyond that and the heat of the day (I think it was around 109 F well before noon) I still had a great time and am very glad my friend, Miss "Poo", came along for the ride. She's a trooper!

susan and St. Francis  - Yorktown, Virginia

You can check out the rest of my pictures here and also you can see the rest of my fellow Yorktown, Virginia photowalkers' shots here at our flickr group page.

uphill climb - Yorktown, Virginia

My sister also did the walk up in Leesburg, Virginia. You can see her pictures at her flickr page.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Time Blues... and Greens, and Reds, and Yellows

What's been and there and everywhere.

July 3rd: Yorktown has a market every Saturday morning...




Mom shopping for preserves...

I think this boy was intrigued by the sunflower. He was staring at it for quite a while.


Yorktown is part of the Historic Triangle here on the Peninsula, which also includes Jamestown and Williamsburg.  All three being places you should add to your "to do" list.

July 4th: hmmm. It seems I don't have those pictures on my computer or on my camera. I must have left them dumped on my parents's computer. We'll get those at a later date. Trust me,though, we had fun.

July 11th:  STING!!! Mom and I saw Sting play with members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Northern Virginia and it was amazing.

It's no secret that I've been mad at that man for many years now. He first broke my heart when The Police broke up. I knew at the tender age of 15 that he would never be alone what The Police were together. I still followed him, though. I did love him, you know. Really, I did. Have you ever seen "Lost in Translation"? In a nutshell, "The film centers on an aging actor (Bill Murray) and a recent college-graduate (Scarlett Johansson) who develop a unique closeness after a chance meeting in a grand Tokyo hotel."  That movie was like Sofia Coppola pulled it from my fantasy world. With me and Sting in the lead, of course. Hey. Don't knock it. It could still happen.

Anyway, the show was fantastic and I had my second semi-sort of run with the man himself. I'll fill you in on the first one at a later date. (I know. I often say I will fill you in at a later date, but I really mean it this time.)

Mom and I got to the (I really hate these corporate venues) Jiffy Lube Amphitheatre, in Bristow, Virginia, around 5pm and did a drive through the place to see where we could park. The nice attendant was going to let us park in the closest spot and he told us to be sure to be back by 6pm. After a required stop at WAWA, we made our way back and got a tasty parking spot. We're sitting there finishing up our WAWA hoagies and are just hanging out when this guy rides by on a bike and I say to myself, "Hey, that guy looks like....


I thought I put my camera on video mode after I shot this picture, only to find out after he was out of view that I had actually turned the camera off. See what you do to me, Sting? It's just not right. Ah well. It was certainly a memorable moment for Mom and I.

Then, this young kid road by and I told mom, "I bet he's in the orchestra".
French Horn player?

So, now we're in our seats and raring to go after our Sting viewing.
Nothing like the sun...


We sat for an hour holding sheets of paper up to block out that sun.

Then, it was time...

Highlights for me? Sting playing the Theremin on Moon Over Bourboun Street! The theremin is the instrument you hear in all those old spooky movies and it was a perfect addition here.
Sting plays the Theremin!

Then, there is this young lady, Jo Lawry. She was Sting's amazing back-up singer. Though, I'd give her more credit than that. She has a beautiful voice. Look her up.
Jo Lawry

Remember that kid on the bike I said was probably in the orchestra? I'm pretty sure that's him playing the french horn here. Top row, middle. What do you think?

Bad jumbrotron picture. You probably had to be there.

It was a great night and Sting has partially redeemed himself to me. Though, now that I see him solo again, I get the feeling that he was not giving his all on the Police reunion tour. What a brat.

Monday, June 14, 2010


It's that time of year! Dust off your camera!

The 3rd Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk takes place on Saturday, July 24th! Folks from all over the world sign up for photowalks in their cities. Meet people, see the sites, take pictures.

According to the web site, "Last year, over 32,000 people in over 900 locations around the globe participated."

After the walk, if you chose, you can upload your pictures to the photowalk website and one picture from each photowalk group will be chosen to compete for the grand prize.

If you were with me last year, you will remember I participated in the Williamsburg, Virginia Walk.  I had a great time in one of my favorite historic cities and this year I will be joining the walk in Yorktown, Virginia. I am very excited about this year, because Yorktown, which is situated on the York River, has always been one of my favorite places. You can read more about this historic city here.

Hurry over to the photowalk website to read more about the event and to find a participating city near you! You really don't want to miss this. Seriously, hurry up, because cities fill up FAST.

Here is the winning photo from last year:

 ...and here is a link to the winner and honorable mentions from the past two years. You know. Just to get you in the mood for a photowalk.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Glamour Shots Gone Bad

Your eyes explain a story
That never had a start
Your brow reveals the glory
That's hidden in your heart

Face dances tonight
Fate chances moonlight
                     - Pete Townshend

"expressive" self portrait
This week we've been working on a self portrait. I just love self portraits. No, not really, but this one was a lot less painful than usual. And pretty comical, too. We had to make some kind of facial expression, and since I have a rather extensive repertoire, this task came quite natural for me. Plus, I have no fear when it comes to showing the ugly.
We used the grid method in order to enlarge the image. Just what the world needs; a double lifesize portrait of my mug, right?

self portrait grid

self portrait

I have a lot more shading to do, and obviously I need to fill in my hair, because, as you can see, I'm not a blonde.

While we're here, I thought I'd show you my first self portrait. This one was in a painting class over 16 years ago. This was also to be an expressive portrait. Man, I had some big hair back then...and eyebrows!

This was my angry look. Truthfully, it was just the easiest face to make since we were painting from a mirror and not a photograph. And I really did look like that! I should post a picture from that era for comparison...but I won't.

self portrait acrylic on canvas
acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I've Got Some Sweet Washboards For Ya...

...but unfortunately not the abdominal kind.

I was looking for an interesting way to organize my necklaces and dangly earrings that didn't involve the usual mesh and a picture frame that you see everywhere. Not that there is anything wrong with that particular DIY fix. It just wasn't appealing to my delicate sensibilities. I know "form follows function", but it seems to follow far, far behind in the picture frame/mesh case. I'm looking for pretty here, people. I like pretty.

So, when I was at a furniture store, of all places, I found a big barrel full of {monkeys? no.} these reproduction washboards that have been distressed and painted with the sweetest flowers in the brightest, cheeriest colors, and something just clicked in my mind.  I found my solution to the jewelry organizing problem. I bought two washboards and happily carried them home with me and, as usual, they sat around for about a month until I got busy.

"And how, Ms. foobella, did you make washboards into jewelry storage", you ask?

Well, let me show you. After buying a package of cuphooks and digging through my stash and finding some eye hooks, I went to the craft store and bought some really cute ribbon and this is what I came up with:
DIY wash board jewelry organizer

I attached eye hooks to the top and bottom of one board and to the top only of the second board. Then I tied them together with the ribbon, added some cuphooks to the bottom board, and hung it on the wall.  Voila!
DIY repro wash board jewelry organizer

I'm sorry, but I think that is the cutest thing ever. I know I have a big mouth and it might not be apparent to those who know me, but I am such a girlie girl when it comes to my boudoir, it's not even funny. The rest of the house? Not so much, but my bedroom? Oh, it's all girl, and I'm not ashamed to say it. Well, at least it will be "all girl" when I'm done with it. I still have quite a bit to do first. Give me a chance though! I just moved in, um, in October! I know. What can I say? I procrastinate!

Now, I just need to figure a way to hang my earrings on the top washboard. Cuphooks won't do. I saw this one fix where they hung ribbon across--something, I can't remember what--and the earrings dangled over the ribbon. Meh, I don't like that for here. I'm sure I'll come up with something, but in the mean time, any ideas? Suggestions?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wet 'n' Wild

I have a bit of catching up to do on posting work from drawing class but I just wanted to get this one posted right now.
copper pot cup and rose ink wash via

I love, love, love working with ink and we learned a new technique last week. I really wish our teacher showed us this technique last semester because I would have used it in my final project.

It's called "wet in wet" and you first wet the area you are working on with a paint brush loaded with water. Then you dip the brush in the tiniest amount of ink and dab it into the wet paper and watch as the paper sucks it up and spreads it across the wetted surface. It's the coolest thing ever and easily my favorite of all our assignments.

The still life above is the second one I did. The first one I did is still at school. We get to display them in a showcase in the hallway for a couple of weeks. This one is my favorite, though. We each had to pick our own subjects to drawn and after I picked the rose I had second thoughts. But now I'm glad I did. I love it. I'm not even done with it but wanted to show you. I have to add more of a shadow to the right of the little cup.

I also wanted to show you a very cool example of the process. Our teacher sent this video she found on youtube. He's using some kind of water bottle, but it's the same basic technique:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let It Snow

After my soggy bottom adventures at the end of the week, I woke up Saturday to the heavy snow the weatherman had been promising all week. I didn't leave the house the entire weekend and finally, on Sunday evening, I decided to venture out in the snow. I really wanted a cup of joe from Aromas and also to see the City Center fountain in the snow.

I wish I had my camera out when a young couple were doing donuts on the road, probably in their parents' car.

I almost fell on the ice only about a dozen times, soooo, that was a well earned cup of coffee, let me tell you.

Don't worry, I drank it in the warmth of the coffee shop.
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