Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cheap Drop Cloth Curtains II

Last year I posted here about the phenomenon that is cheap drapery made of canvas drop cloth. I owe you a picture of the finished product. I did not go with any sewing. Instead, we used drapery clips. It worked great and it was so easy. I have yet to dye them or do anything else with them as I had originally planned.

The only two negatives were the fact that I bought the three drop cloths on the right years before the two on the left. So, the ones on the left have a seam going through middle, as you can see. Also, even though they were all washed, the ones on the left did not shrink up as much, so they are quite a bit longer. But hey, it works for my purposes, and it makes the room much cozier than having huge naked windows. 

I'm happy!
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