Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let It Snow

After my soggy bottom adventures at the end of the week, I woke up Saturday to the heavy snow the weatherman had been promising all week. I didn't leave the house the entire weekend and finally, on Sunday evening, I decided to venture out in the snow. I really wanted a cup of joe from Aromas and also to see the City Center fountain in the snow.

I wish I had my camera out when a young couple were doing donuts on the road, probably in their parents' car.

I almost fell on the ice only about a dozen times, soooo, that was a well earned cup of coffee, let me tell you.

Don't worry, I drank it in the warmth of the coffee shop.


  1. Lovely pictures....I'm surprised that the city doesn't require sidewalks to be cleaned...up here if you have a sidewalk it needs to be cleaned in 24 hours...or something like that!:)

    That's so great that you can walk places!

    We got another 4"-5" last night on top of the 6" we got Sat and sounds like we are in for another one Friday.....NOOOOOO....that's just my 2nd day of work!:)

  2. Thanks!

    Actually, that sidewalk had a "sidewalk closed" sign, which might have even been there before the snow. But yes, for the most part, none of the sidewalks were cleared.

    Hoping for more snow this weekend.


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