Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shi's A Heartbreaker

I am now taking a video techniques class at school and below is my first assignment. We had to make a 30 or 60 second commercial. I chose my favorite perfume, Shi, by Alfred Sung.

Yes, the bottle is half empty. I said it was my favorite, didn't I? Sadly, I somehow left it at the park and when my actress and I went back the next day to get more shots, it was gone. If I smell it on anyone there in the future, I'll know at least it found a happy home. 

The song in the commercial is The Golden Age by Beck from probably one of my favorite albums of his, Sea Change.


  1. You did a really good job! Well done :-)

  2. Thanks, Sara. Our next assignment is a music video. Should be fun.=)


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