Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It Was A Sculpey Christmas

We still have our tree up, so that means I can continue to talk about Christmas, right?

I have been wanting to work with sculpey polymer clay for the longest time, and I finally got the nerve up. 

My family is lucky they received anything at all, because these little figurines turned out so cute, I wanted to keep them all to myself. 
polymer clay Christmas trees and snowman via www.foobella.blogspot.com

Look at those tiny camp fires, which are about the size of my fingernail. Those tents! That motorcycle!
polymer clay trees snowman tent campfire motorcycle via www.foobella.blogspot.com

And that tiny canoe. Probably my favorite thing!
polymer clay sculpey trees tents campfire canoe via www.foobella.blogspot.com

Here they are in front of the butter dish for scale. 
And those little birdies on the trees! 
via www.foobella.blogspot.com

I wish I dreamed up the idea for the camping items on my own, but the inspiration came from The Market Darling's precious campsites (pictured below), which I originally saw in her Etsy shop
Talk about cute overload.
via http://themarketdarling.blogspot.com/2012/11/shop-update-holiday-planning.html
via: The Market Darling

 The campsites I made were for my two brothers. One of them got the canoe, and the other got a motorcycle. Also, instead of gluing them to card stock as The Market Darling did, I had my fiance cut two slices from a cherry tree log and I hot-glued the figurines to them. Why didn't I take a picture of them? I don't know. Maybe I can get one of my brothers to take a picture for me to show you. 

My sister and mother each received a snowman, like the one above, some trees and even a gingerbread house. Why didn't I take a picture of them, either? Again, I don't know, but maybe my sister will take a picture for me to show you. hint hint! 

Oh, and also I have to show you what my sister made me for Christmas! 

We also have a few changes that are going to happen here soon, so please stay tuned!


  1. Oooooooh!!! I love it!!! I recently gave up tiny campsites to pursue more wearable type stuff, but you make me want to get back into it!! That teensy motorcycle!!!!!!

    ~Gwenivere <3



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