Tuesday, October 7, 2014

UFO Sighting or the sequel to 'Up'!

We were enjoying a recent Saturday night outside at The Mariners' Museum while watching The Delorean's (a popular local 80's band) play when we saw something strange in the beautiful evening sky. 

(all photos by this guy)

It was hovering way off in the distance... 

...just above the moon.


You can see it here above the moon. ^

This is the best we could see with our naked eyes. ^
We just sat and watched it as it slowly disappeared into the distance, 
and my first thought was quad-copter. Attack of the Drones!

Previous photo zoomed in 100%. ^

Once Jason processed the photos, it was obviously not a quad-copter. 
But then, what was it?

Is it a para-glider? An airplane-shaped hot air balloon? 

....or as Jason said, "a dude in a lawn chair w/ 100 helium balloons". 


  1. I recognized that it was a hot air balloon before the last picture. It must have been a nice time watching and guessing :)

  2. Sheesh, you got my hopes all worked up that Pixar was going to produce a second UP movie! I loved the first one.


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