Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy December!

It's my favorite time of year, and I can't believe we don't have a tree yet.

 BUT! We did put up our Dickens Christmas Village last night. A must. 

Dickens Christmas Village via foobella.blogspot.com

Dickens Christmas Village via foobella.blogspot.com

Nativity via foobella.blogspot.com

I also finally got to put up my nativity.
It has been stored away for too many years.

The manger was handmade by my father,
the lovely star-filled background was made by Jason,
and the sweet Christmas tree skirt is from Jason's youth,
and was made by a friend of his mother's. 


Happy Holidays!


  1. Sweet! We have this fabric at work called "Fairy Frost" and several off the whites have gold or silver glitter and the plain has a frosty sheen....if you would like some for your houses just let me know...go look at the website to see the choices!!:)
    Wonder if the folks have theirs up yet?:)


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