Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stuff & Nonsense

Stuff I'm thinking about:

  • Anyone seen the new show on Oprah's OWN network, 'In The Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman'? Dr. Berman is a sex therapist who helps couples figure out what's going wrong with their sex lives. Two things: 
    • It's quite interesting to get a glimpse of what makes people the bedroom. 
    • I can't help wondering how the children of these couples feel after they find out why the camera crew is there, and to know what life is like at school after the show airs and all their friends have inevitably seen it. Personally, I think I'd ask to be home-schooled after that.  
    1. You know how on facebook everyone updates their status with what they are doing and what's going on in their lives? I often wonder if facebook friends get mad at each other if, say, Susie and Janey meet up for lunch only to find that Janey had no idea that Susie's house was recently burglarized, and Susie had no idea that Janey's kid got braces, or that Janey went to see that big concert the other night and got totally wasted, just like the good old days, all of which was posted on facebook, for cryin' out loud!  Do you get mad if your friends don't keep up with you?* 
    2. I think I want to live in the country some day. I'd like to have an expansive view, not one of my neighbor's satellite dishes. 
    3. I'd also like to live in New York City for a spell, first. I think it would be great to be able to live without a car. (see below)
    4. In order to appreciate being single, you have to experience being married. I think the reverse is also true, but speaking for myself, only when it comes to home/vehicle maintenance issues. 
    5. Sometimes, when I am making my coffee, I hold my spoon nice and dainty and act like Lily Tomlin in the Snow White fantasy sequence from the movie '9 to 5', one of my favorite movies of all time. 
    6. I don't like very many people. If I do like you, consider yourself lucky...or unlucky. Whichever. 
    7. Hmm, maybe this is why people keep journals; once you get that thought down on paper, you no longer have it rambling around in your head taking up space.

    *for those that don't have a facebook account and would never dream of getting one; don't judge. It's unbecoming on you. 


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