Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Angel and Tree Wood Yard Ornaments, and Some Christmas Google Doodles

All is calm. All is bright. 
All is Calm. All is Bright. via

This fall, my Dad asked me what I wanted him to cut out for me. I drew up some templates, and told him how many of each piece to cut out. I had a plan in my head, but I guess people don't always get my genius. When it came time to put them together, I had to walk him through it. 

Angel/Tree templates via

Angel/Tree templates via

Christmas Angel/Trees via

I think they are mighty cute, and my husband and I just finished painting them this past weekend. 


Also, something I thought was fun are the google doodles from the last few days. Do you know what the google doodle is? I assume most people know, but really I shouldn't assume. 

If you go to the google search page during the holidays, they have special little holiday doodles in place of the GOOGLE name. This week it has been cute little houses and figures that you can cut out and glue together. 

Here they all are in one place for you to print out and glue together. Just click each of the images and you can either print them directly, or save them and print them later. Then, I guess it's pretty self explanatory. Just cut them along the edges and fold along the dotted lines, and then glue the tabs. 

If you'll notice, they all spell out the word, GOOGLE, stylistically. Very cute. 

And here are some little figures that go along with it. 

I don't have a picture of the figures cut out, but here are the little buildings glued together and lined up to spell GOOGLE. Great fun for big and little kids. ;)

Google doodles via

I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and a Healthy, Happy, and Peaceful New Year.

Thanks for visiting. 

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  1. How clever to make the same template serve as both angels and trees! Very cute! And thanks for explaining those Google doodles to me. I saw them but had no clue what they were all about! D'oh!

    I hope your Christmas was merry and bright! Best wishes for 2016!


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