Friday, October 23, 2009

self portrait II

Yesterday we did another self portrait (No, I didn't get a haircut. My hair was up in a clip).

This time we used the reductive process. Using an x-acto knife or scissors, we scraped charcoal onto the surface of the paper and spread it around with a cloth. Then, we used an eraser to create the highlighted areas of our face and went back in with charcoal for the shadows and white conte crayon to add back the brightest highlights. It's harder to get as much detail this way, but I really enjoyed the process.

The bottom right grayish area is what the charcoal first looks like when you spread it on. I really like the eraser marks all around the outline of my head. It looks like an etching. Well, I guess it is etching in a way.


  1. I am in awe of anyone that can draw. I don't have that kind of talent but my daughter does. Sadly she doesn't have focus so she doesn't use her talents but I'm hoping one day she'll come to her senses. Good for you for doing something you love.

  2. Another cool self-portrait. Love the techniques you used.

  3. Thank you, Jen. But, I must happily inform you that ANYONE can learn how to draw. Not all of us will be world famous artists (though a girl can dream big) but if I've learned anything, it's that it's a skill just like any other and can be taught to willing and eager students. =)

    Thanks Suzanne. I really like this technique, too. For some reason, I wasn't apprehensive about it this time. I just dug right in with that eraser. I love the eraser. =)


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