Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's New?

What's new with me? I bought a condo, that's one thing. I am so excited to decorate a place of my very own. There are mounds of boxes to be unpacked, but first I have certain tasks to be completed. Last night I made a mess in the kitchen. Can you guess what's going on in the picture above? If not, I'll be talking more about it at a later date.
For now, let's talk about Drawing class. I have quite a few drawings to post but first, let's see what I walked into last Thursday night.

These two young men in my class felt compelled to make an art installation with our easels, making them look to me like they are marching in a circle. Please excuse the fuzzy picture, as I was laughing while snapping the camera phone. They are looking pretty serious in the picture, but really, they were anything but.

I was so taken by the "easel cages" that I didn't even notice the stools and tables all lined up around the room.  Usually, the floor is never even visible in this room, as it is a jumble of easels, stools, and tables.

Here the guys become part of the installation.

See? Isn't art fun?


  1. Not that the camera phone photos aren't fine but why oh why don't you bring your camera to class? I thought that thing was attached at the hip!:)

    Love the Famiglia section....I want that me how please...this weekend!:)

  2. I paper?

    Do I win?;)

  3. That camera is too big to carry in my purse.

    contact paper>nope

    Try again.

  4. Easily solved Foo. Get a bigger purse!

    Self sticking floor tiles?


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