Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pen & Ink, I Think I've Found True Love

Last week we started working with Pen & Ink. What a way to end the semester. This is by far my favorite medium for drawing. Here are a few of the drawings I did last night. The Jug and book were drawn from a handout we were given. Do you know what the other two are? No, they are not chickens or insects. They are two different views of a vertebra from some animal. Which animal, I do not know. I forgot what the professor said. I should have taken a picture of it. It's pretty small, about 2-3 inches. I tried a quick search on-line, but couldn't find it. If anyone can figure it out, let me know.

Our final exam project is to create a new creature of land or sea in pen & ink using only plant life (leaves, branches, flowers, etc.) as the texture of its outer layers. We also have to insert a protruding bone somewhere.

Interesting? Confusing? Scary? Maybe a little. I already have a background in mind for my creature. Now I just have to search my imagination to create this strange new species. Some no-no's were: NO Fairies (sorry Maria). NO Angels. NO mermaids. And most importantly, NO "cute". 

We have until the end of the semester to finish it. We saw a slide show last night of previous student work with examples of what she does and doesn't want. This is going to be fun.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, Dee. ;)


  1. I did a lot of pen and ink drawings in stuff! The contrast is so fun to play with! Great stuff!

  2. It IS fun! I can't wait to get started on my project.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Oxtail. Here it is in raw form, with the meat still on the bone, but you get the idea:

  4. Oh have definitely found your medium!!! Those are fantastic!!
    Hmmmmm, a creature using natural items....can't wait to see what you come up about something wearing burlap or hemp, that would have neat texture!:)

  5. Thanks, Dee. You know it's something you love when you keep thinking about it throughout the day and can't wait to get back to work on it.

    The plant life has to be drawn in it's natural state. For example, I could draw plant leaves or flower petals as scales or skin. Our teacher brought in all kinds of plants from her yard for us to do a study on, but I didn't even have a chance to get to them last class. Time flies when you're having fun, I guess. =)

  6. Oh, guess woven hemp isnt' in it's natual state!;) Well...what about corn husks? They are great and people make dolls out of them. Really you could just go to a florist or look online and see all the possibilities. I have a couple of plants here at home that would be wonderful little skirts...but sounds like you would be better off making it sort of rough and tumble like some creature from the deep in LOTR!:)

  7. I'm definitely not lacking in the vegetation department. I can just look outside my door and find good examples of plant life to draw from.

    I'm still thinking about my creature right now. After sketching my background on a post-it note last night, some wings suddenly sprouted on the page. So, I guess it's going to be a winged creature. =)


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