Friday, October 19, 2012

I Love Typography II

Yesterday I told you I had to sing a song for our first assignment in Typography class. Yes, it's true. It was our professor's idea of an icebreaker. The assignment was about type interpretation. We had to chose some lyrics from a song and interpret them only with text. No pictures, shapes, or even colors. Just black text on white background. Seemed easy enough until she threw in the caveat that there could be nothing representational in the piece. No text in the shape of kitties, bunnies, sunsets, or palm trees. Oh, and we could only use one font. [correct me if I am wrong my graphic designer friends, if I remember correctly, the font family I used is myriad pro.]

So, where does the singing come in? We have class critiques for each assignment, and for this one, our very first, where we don't know each other yet, we had to stand in front of the class and sing our song while our work was projected on the board. I volunteered to go first just to get it over with. Something I never would have done 20+ years ago. I guess courage comes with age. Of course, I had to preface my presentation with, "I am not a singer." Thank God I did go first, too, because the girl that went right after me IS a singer, and she sang her own original song! That lady has chops. Of course, I should have known, most people chickened out and just read the lyrics. I thought you were supposed to be more adventurous in your youth? Wimpy kids. ha.

I chose my favorite song, Little Wing, by Jimi Hendrix. I think you may have heard of him before. ;)
If you don't know the song, or just love it like me, you can listen to it down below.

As a bonus, because I love the song so much, I felt like giving it my full interpretation. 
This is how it makes me feel. Thank you, Jimi.

typography Little Wing via


  1. Now you need to take the black and white text and use any font you want and then take it to and have it made into fabric!!! I love, love, love text fabric and that would look awesome!:)

    1. Good idea. I'd have to make it into some kind of repeatable pattern, wouldn't I?


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