Monday, August 19, 2013

A View of West Point, Virginia #1

I've posted about this place once before, but Saturday morning we took a walk in West Point, down the nature trail, under one of the twin bridges, and across the way to the West Point Farmers Market.

(all photos taken with our camera phones)

At the corner of Lee Street and 14th Street (Route 33) sits the West Point Pharmacy behind which starts the nature walk across this foot bridge/bike path. 

The gravel road also gives access to the water for kayaking/canoeing. 

You can see one of the twin bridges in the background above. 
 Looking back at the parking lots.

Boat access above.

 It was a gray morning, but the clouds give us good drama.

  The footbridge leads back to dry land.

 There are two look outs along the way. The one above is right next to the bridge.

 This is Route 33, which leads East.

 This is the Mattaponi River leading out to the start of the York River.

click to enlarge
Above is a gorgeous panorama Jason took from this spot. 

Now onto the Farmer's Market.

Under the bridge...

...and across the way.

We bought some peppers and potatoes from one vendor and tomatoes from the other. 
It's a small market that day but they both had great pickings. 

  and the walk back to "downtown", if you can call it that. 

Tomorrow I will have some pictures in the town of West Point. 

If you would like to join us on Saturday October 5th  for the 6th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk, please visit our page here to sign up for our walk in West Point, Virginia.  If you'd like to join a walk in a city near you, please visit the main photowalk site here

As of this post, there are 5579 walkers signed up in 547 cities across the globe.

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