Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A View of West Point, Virignia #2

Yesterday I posted about the Nature Trail in West Point. 
Today we take a drive through the town.

painted lady in West Point, Virginia
There are many beautiful homes in this historic little town. Love this house that Jason photographed.

Main St. West Point, Virginia

West Point even has a public beach. Yes, that's all of it. 

 Home-ownership here has it's privileges.  This is all private property above.

 I love the roof on that house to the left.

Main St. West Point, Virginia

 Saturday morning it was a ghost town. 

We both agree that they need a coffee shop in this town. Anyone want to take care of that? 

Post Office in West Point, Virginia

Everyone that lives in the downtown area has to come here to the Post Office to get their mail.

Water Tower West Point, Virginia

Every town needs a water tower. 

Water Tower and Town Hall West Point, Virginia

And behind the water tower is the Town Hall, Courthouse, and DMV.

Church West Point, Virginia

Church West Point, Virginia

 One thing this small town has an abundance of is churches.

Train Tracks to Paper Mill  West Point, Virginia

The town's main stage.

Not only is the town of West Point quaint, but it's also industrial with a Paper Mill on the west side across route 33 and the downtown area. 

Lots of potential for our photowalk. If you would like to join us on Saturday October 5th  for the 6th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk, please visit our page here to sign up for our walk in West Point, Virginia.  If you'd like to join a walk in a city near you, please visit the main photowalk site here


  1. Ha! You have a photo of the house I grew up in! I grew up across the street from the post office. I even see my bedroom windows! ....Very cool.

    1. How fun! I think that house is for sale if you want to live in it again. ha!


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