Wednesday, November 14, 2012

5th Annual World Wide Photowalk

This year it seemed it was all around more of a low-key event, from the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk website, down to our walk leader, and even with me. I usually post about it long before the day of the walk, but it seemed that there was less communication from the official walk site this year, so I even forgot to sign up for it until the week before the event. 

As you might know from the previous 4 years, the World Wide Photowalk is an annual event that takes place in cities around the world one day of the year. This year it was Saturday, October 13th. Folks signed up to join a photowalk group in a city of their chosing.  On the walk day, the groups met at a time designated by their walk leaders, and for two hours we walked around and took pictures of our cities. Afterward, the groups usually gather together to sit around and talk photography and look at everyone's shots from the day. You don't have to meet up afterward, and personally, I never stick around for the social event, as I'm not that social. ;)  We then have a week to process and edit our pictures, and chose our favorite shot of the day to enter into the photowalk contest.  Our walk leaders then pick a winning picture from our cities, which goes on to be judged by Scott Kelby himself for the grand prize winning photo of the day, from the over 1300 photowalks around the world. 

Below is the grand prize photograph chosen by Scott Kelby. Tell me what you think.

2012 Grand Prize Winner

Photo By Lars Anshelm

Lund, Skåne län Sverige

"This is my all-around favorite, and Grand Prize winner, because I simply fell in love with it. I could point to how the texture, color, lighting and composition are just absolutely spot on, but what I love is that I want to know more about this image." 
-Scott Kelby

Stay tuned and I will post my pictures from our walk in the lovely little river town of Urbanna, Virginia

In the meantime, you can see the honorable mentions chosen by Scott Kelby, here, and click the image below to visit the official site and see all the winning city photos from around the world. 
That's my favorite part of the walk, seeing the world in one day. 

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