Friday, November 30, 2012

Dickens Christmas Village

Happy Friday! 

Just another taste of my Dickens Christmas Village. 
Chancery Corner via

This is the Chancery Corner building, which is all of 8 inches tall and even has a window you can peak into on Christmas dinner.  Now tell me. Who couldn't fall in love with that tiny little birdbath and cardinals?

My love of Christmas and all the tiny Christmas houses started with my Mom who, in my opinion, is the Christmas Queen. The word that always comes to mind when I think about my childhood Christmases is "magical". Mom knows how to do it up right, and still does to this day even with four grown kids and two grown grandkids. 

But the Christmas houses are what got me the most. Mom has an entire little village going on that I love to set up for her every year, and I've been collecting Dickens Village pieces of my own, trying to catch up!

Last year, Jason helped me set up Mom's village below. That boy is a natural. 
mini Christmas Houses via

Who else is decorating this weekend? What traditions do you love? Have a great one!


  1. I love this foo! I remember your houses. My collection has grown pretty big too. Each year I let the girls set them up and poor Lauren, broke about 6 of my tiny pieces. Thank goodness for super glue! We always decorate on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That is our tradition. ~ cindy

    1. Cindy Lou Who! We just watched the Grinch the other night and I talked about you! Aww, poor Lauren. She was just too excited. I can understand. ha! Thanks for commenting, and I wanna see pictures of your tiny houses. I miss you!

  2. Your little trees are so darling as you houses❤

  3. We are going to put lights on two of the evergreens in the yard this weekend and maybe go get our tree....a potted one!;) But first we need to figure out where we will plant it...and dig the hole!

    I love getting out the big plastic container of stuffed holiday softies like The Grinch and a Santa and bunches of snowmen, etc. Always loved them because we didn't have to worry about someone breaking anything!!

  4. @Dagmar, thank you! I just need more like yours. :)

    @Dee, post some pictures when your done, please. :)

  5. oh Petrina, your message just elated my heart. I love to find fellow introverts in the world and most of all, I love that I can help all of us know that it is ok to be who we are. 

    1. Thanks for visiting, Ana. I am so happy I chanced upon your blog. :)


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