Friday, September 25, 2009

Class Critique

Back for more Drawing class.

I really would like to take a picture of everyone's individual work. I love the point in class, after about 2 hours of drawing, that we put them all together for a critique.  It's pretty amazing to see things from everyone elses perspective.

Teacher said my objects are slightly leaning to one side. Also, she said the draping was really nice on the lower left and then she said, "As I walk up to it, I lose it." Meaning, everything falls apart? It stinks? Who knows. I figure I'm more impressionistic in my attack. Meaning, it's a mess up close, but if you stand back? Not too bad. And if you take a cell phone picture? Even better. I have no idea why my coffee cup is so much taller than the real one, though. hm. Teacher didn't even mention that.
charcoal/white conte crayon on drawing paper

*click on pictures for larger views

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  1. Leaning....Bwahahahaha...we are all leaning a little!;)

    Art is not meant to be looked at up close, it is for sitting severl feet away and pondering!:) If you looked at a pointilist up close you would definately lose it!!

    Yes, it is amazing all the different points of view...that's why there are so many ugly houses out each his own...makes the world more interesting, right?!:)


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