Sunday, September 13, 2009

Feels good to be creative.

I'm a student again. This time it's for real. I've taken a course here and there in the past couple of years after receiving an associates degree in Commercial Art in ninetee-{cough,mumble,cough}-inety three, but now it's with the intention of boosting my not so great GPA. I have hopes of (dreams of) going to a university. What do I want to take there? My mind goes from one subject to the next. Film, fine arts, theatre, computer arts. I can't decide. I'm just going to take classes that I love (and those that I need, i.e. the speech class) and have faith that one thing will lead to another and a path will open up before me. 

I'd like to share what I'm learning (and loving) in Drawing class. It feels really good to be creative again and to realize how much more fun it is to draw now than the first time around. Now, I am not so uptight about the fact that I'm not perfect at it. I'm just doing my best, which, I must say, is better than I thought I was capable.

pencil shading

charcoal still  life


  1. I'm impressed (not that you're doing it to impress the likes of me; I'm just saying). Nice stuff. Go Foo!

  2. Thanks, Irene. Oh, but I AM doing it to impress you. ;)

  3. You're just trying to get invited when Stewart and I get married. I can see right through you...


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