Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Draw the drapes Amelia Bedilia!

For those that need an Amelia Bedelia refresher, she's the "literal-minded housekeeper".

draping in pencil

I was not feeling this assignment when we began tonight, but once I stepped back from the drawing (2 solid hours later), it actually looked pretty good. This drawing was with pencil. We get to draw it with charcoal next class. Man that stuff is messy. One girl in my class said she wraps her charcoal up with a piece of cloth. No way I could do that. But then, she has a light touch...unlike me.


  1. Awesome....stepping back is aways fun!:)

    I wish our community college was closer!:) I'm getting inspired!!

  2. Thanks, Dee.

    It can't be that far. Where is it?


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