Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back To School: Charcoal Still Life

Today's drawing:

Pencil Drawing

pencil on drawing paper (click on image for larger view)


  1. We always knew you had a signature style...don't let that comment scare you...let it empower you!

    We are proud of you....keep it up....easy peasy!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful Foobella...and yes, gorgeous work. You should be so proud of yourself. Cheers..


  3. Very nice work! You can be proud and not worry about it. and you have a good teacher, too.

  4. I have been following your drawing class posts and totally agree with everyone else - don't let your grade scare you... I say that knowing if I was in your place I would be fighting the apprehension too :)

    You posts have inspired me - I hope to find a drawing class to take after the holidays. It has been too long!

  5. Way to go Foo. I'm not surprised. You're a talented creative Nutter!

  6. Wow! Are you doing this for college credit, for fun, a little of both?

    Your work is wonderful and the teacher knows a good thing when she sees it....even if you aren't always "feeling it"! :)

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. It's nice to know people are actually out there watching my progress and especially getting inspired.

    Suzanne, yes, I am doing this for credit. =)


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