Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Drapery

We were "drawing the drapes" again last night. (No Mom, this is not a t-shirt.)

I was not feeling it this time either, but I try not to think about it too much anymore and just jump right in and get busy. I must say, it actually looks pretty good in a cell phone picture. It's a nice little mess in real life, though. There is one young lady in my class who's style I love and she is so hard on herself; the sign of a great talent if you ask me. It's usually the ones that think they are good, who in reality suck. ha.

charcoal/white conte crayon on drawing paper


  1. Hehehehehehe....I thought it was a tee shirt when I first glaced at the last one too!:)

    Naw...not a sign of great talent...the sign of someone who want some attention.

    I'm proud of you for jumping into it even though it's not your favorite thing to do...I think it looks great....this is really a cell phone picture?!!

  2. No. Not a t-shirt.

    What? You really believe that about people? Might be true in some, but when that is the case, it's pretty obvious. So not true with this girl.

    Jumping in. It's the best medicine.

    Yes, Cell phone. If you ever want something to look nice and artsy, take a cell phone picture.


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