Friday, January 6, 2017

It's a New Year

Happy New Year! 

I felt I should post a current photo to reflect the season, since the last time I posted was at Halloween. I have tons of Christmas decorations I photographed to post here, but it's too late now. I'm past that. Maybe next Christmas. 

For now, here's a frosty photo from our January 2013 Honeymoon in Paris, Virginia. It was taken nearby at Sky Meadows State Park, which I would love to go back and visit in the springtime. ▼

Sky Meadows State Park, Virginia via

We have big snow expected for our region of Virginia. My husband just informed me it now has a name, "Winter Storm Helena", as he pondered, "When did snow storms get names?" That I do not know, but he also tells me that Jim Cantore is coming to the area to cover it for The Weather Channel. Should be interesting. 

Okay, maybe ONE Christmas photo. 

Here is our Dickens Christmas Village set-up this year. One of my(our) favorite holiday traditions. ▼

Dept. 56 Dickens Christmas Village 2017 via

Okay. One more, and then I swear, I am getting off this computer. This is our small Colonial Williamsburg Village. Dept 56 has retired them, so they are hard to come by. ▼

Dept. 56 Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Village 2017 via

Here's to a serene 2017, and enjoy the snow if you are so inclined. I know I am.  

Thanks for visiting. 💟


  1. Welcome back -- and I never mind Christmas no matter the season. (Although, I thought I was done with it and was asked to edit an old post that is holiday and somehow it ended up at the top of my blog and I couldn't get it back where it was born. So, pop over to Marmelade Gypsy if you like -- but if you don't want Christmas, scroll down a little and it's more "normal!"

  2. Oh, I love miniature villages -- yours are so cute and so beautifully displayed!


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