Wednesday, January 25, 2017

3D Printed and Painted Millennium Falcon

I've been moving things around and creating a painting/crafting nook for myself. I just painted a whole bunch of things yesterday and wanted to share one today.

Yesterday, every time I finished painting something, I would send a picture to Jason. He wrote back, "Good job. Now do the Millennium Falcon." and then I would send another picture, and the same thing, "Cool! Do the Millennium Falcon. NOW." ha. 

All right. All right! ha. 

Here it is before painting↓
3D digital file of Millennium Falcon found on Thingiverse

First paint layer↓


The person who created this 3D design took artistic license with the Millennium Falcon, so I had to also in the painting details.


I'll have more painted 3D objects to show you soon. 


Thanks for visiting!

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