Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Art Is Therapy: Acrylic Handpainted Mini Wooden Bowls

A few years ago we received some cute little wooden bowls in our Christmas stockings. I didn't know at the time, but they are for condiments when you are cooking. I just use them around the house to hold little trinkets, and I always had the idea in the back of my mind to paint them. 

When we started 3D printing after Christmas time and I was painting Jason's prints, I found that I couldn't put the paint brushes down. I was possessed. I was looking around the house, thinking, "What can I paint? What can I paint?" So, I found my little bowls. 

You can see Mollie inspecting them. I think she approves. ↓

I had so much fun painting them. I got completely lost in the process. It was so relaxing to randomly paint shapes and designs, and mix colors.    

I left a painted area on the bottom for my initials. ↓

One of them hasn't been painted yet because, at the time, I forgot about it, as it stays in my bedroom and holds my rings at night. 

Since it worked out that I have a bowl with a red background and another with blue, then it will be only logical (and fun) to paint the third one with a yellow background. After they are all three painted, then I will put polycrylic on them to protect the surface. 

I will post a little update when they are all painted and sealed. 

Thanks for visiting. 

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