Thursday, January 12, 2017

3D Printed Gadgets and Tools

I showed you a cute 3D printed camera magnet in my previous post. Today I will show you a couple things Jason made that show the utility of having a 3D printer. Although, admittedly, one print was for the 3D printer, and the 2nd was for wares made with the 3D printer. ha.

When he assembled his printer, Jason found that the spool holder--the thing that holds the filament reel atop the printer--was not wide enough, which is strange, since the filament reel I bought was suggested to go with this printer.  

No problem, though. Jason went to and found someone who designed their own spool holder. So, our first utilitarian 3D print was born. 

See the gold peeking out from the middle of the filament reel in this photo from my previous post? That's our print that came from this digital file created by member ghostpoisonface
3D printed camera via

Here is what a digital file looks like. ↓
3D design via blogged on
image via

The image below shows supports attached to the object, which will be removed once the object is created. 
3D design via blogged on
image via

Here you see a comparison between our print (gold) and the spool holder that came with the printer. Big difference.  

3D printed Spool Extender via

The second tool he printed also happens to be Jason's first design using the free program Do you know what it is? ↓

3D printed Paint Brush Rest via

Maybe this will help. 

3D printed Paint Brush Rest via

After my first session painting some of his prints, I told Jason he should make a paint brush rest for me. In the blink of an eye, it seems, there it was! I love this printer!! And of course, Jason's design skillz. 😎

For anyone interested in printing a brush rest of their own, here is the link to Jason's design: 


Oh, and because I forgot to include it in my last post, here is what was printing in my post from Monday. Though, who am I kidding? Everyone knows what this is, even if they are not Star Wars fans. ↓
3D printed Millennium Falcon via
Millennium Falcon printed from digital file via

Yes, I still have to paint it. sigh. Thank goodness I have that paint brush rest. 

My mind is awhirl with printing ideas now. Stay tuned for more prints. This is fun!


Thanks for visiting. 

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